1. This was a really cool read. I feel like more and more people will start using oxygen therapy and it will become a common treatment – kind of like how massages weren’t that popular before but now they are. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. B

    Thank you for your article. I just started HBOT in a hard chamber in California. They are taking me to 3.0 ATM right from the start. I have done 3 sessions and I am already seeing some results. My sleep has improved with nice good vivid dreams. I wish there were places in the US like in the Ukraine. You are lucky to have the opportunity to do HOT at such an affordable price!

  3. Alex

    Hi Aaron,
    I’m glad it worked for you and you’ve seen benefits from it. Currently, I live in Kiev and would like to try the treatment. Could you please tell me how can I contact them and start the treatment?

  4. Maria

    My husband’s lyme was cured with cold laser! It only took 8 sessions. I see you saw a practioner who cured your gluten sensitivity with one. He had it for 4.5 years and is symptom free since January.

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