1. This was a really cool read. I feel like more and more people will start using oxygen therapy and it will become a common treatment – kind of like how massages weren’t that popular before but now they are. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. B

    Thank you for your article. I just started HBOT in a hard chamber in California. They are taking me to 3.0 ATM right from the start. I have done 3 sessions and I am already seeing some results. My sleep has improved with nice good vivid dreams. I wish there were places in the US like in the Ukraine. You are lucky to have the opportunity to do HOT at such an affordable price!

    • Brent

      There’s at least one place in Oregon (USA) that does hyperbaric therapy as a charity. They only charge a few dollars for the oxygen and electricity.

  3. Alex

    Hi Aaron,
    I’m glad it worked for you and you’ve seen benefits from it. Currently, I live in Kiev and would like to try the treatment. Could you please tell me how can I contact them and start the treatment?

  4. Maria

    My husband’s lyme was cured with cold laser! It only took 8 sessions. I see you saw a practioner who cured your gluten sensitivity with one. He had it for 4.5 years and is symptom free since January.

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