Liposomal Melatonin

I’m excited to try out some Liposomal Melatonin, it’s apparently beneficial for much more than just sleep. I have heavy metal toxicity, poor digestion, too much EMF exposure, etc… required reading on melatonin: and

  • I can never fall asleep right after getting in bed. It takes hours sometimes. Then, when the sun comes up bright an early, I can’t sleep through it. I rarely feel like I rested well. Even if I go to bed right when it gets dark, it’ll take me a few hours to fall asleep.
  • I’m certainly deficient in Melatonin, for a few reasons…
  • Melatonin is critical for brain detoxification. Since I’m apparently loaded with heavy metals, I’ve likely gone through my natural supply of melatonin before the end of the night.
  • I’m not exposed to enough sunlight, which is necessary to create melatonin. Awesome article on this and more:
  • I can never remember my dreams. This is probably a good indicator I’m not sleeping well. I often am laying in bed in the middle of the night, and suddenly realize that I haven’t been sleeping for several hours.
  • The problem is that it’s a self-promoting cycle: they are sick partly because they can’t detoxify, but they can’t detoxify because they’re sick. Getting people to sleep long and well—not a pharmaceutical-induced knock-out, but real sleep, including dreams and waking well rested—is strongly healing.” – from the first link in this post

However, when I first take it, I might experience standard “detox symptoms”: “When someone takes liposomal melatonin and has problems sleeping this is more likely related to mobilizing toxins in the brain.” (link) Also from that article “The brain does not detoxify with glutathione; melatonin is the key.” This sounds a little hyperbolical, but it pushed me over the edge into ordering some. Will report how it goes.


I’ve been on liposomal melatonin for a couple weeks now, this is some serious stuff. I started out with just two squirts (I’m using the one from DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont), and now I do sometimes 20-25 squirts a night. I normally feel clearer when I wake up, and I remember some part of my dreams every morning. Twice I’ve woken up with a bad headache, which was probably a result of the “detox effect” on my brain. Both times the headache went away after a few hours, taking liposomal glutathione seems to help (and Organic Germanium, I need to write a post on that sometime). Dr. Klinghardt, my recent most favorite practitioner, mentioned you might wake up feeling bad (but to be clear: this is good, your brain is eliminating all the junk so it can perform better). I recommend watching this video from him at a recent autism conference. Klinghardt spends half his time on kids, half on adults, and his discoveries are quite interesting. Best of all, you can normally treat yourself using natural herbs/remedies. One key takeaway from this is the 9 parts melatonin to 1 part glutathione needed to detoxify your brain (I don’t remember exactly which part of the video he talks about that, but I recommend watching the whole thing). I’ve been taking glutathione by the bucketload and it sure helps, but it does seem melatonin is having an even bigger impact.